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Re: Replacement Heater Valve

To: Dave Tietz <>,
Subject: Re: Replacement Heater Valve
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 19:20:58 -0800
I did one of those conversions.  At the time I worked for an auto parts store, 
I looked in the back of the thermostat, heater valve, 
radiator hose book and there are pictures, from there you can find what you 
need.  Now all you need is an understanding part store guy.

Hope this helps,
'72 B

Dave Tietz wrote:

> I'm getting tired of replacing my heater control valve in my MGB. Has
> anyone replaced it with a reliable in-hose (1/2 inch) type - One that
> could be inserted in the heater hose either going into or out of the
> heater core?
> I have seen conversions like that at car shows, but it would help if
> anyone has a part number & manufacturer
> Thanks,
> Dave Tietz
> '70 MGB
> '94 Miata
> '98 Camry

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