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Re: VERY VERY tongue in cheek joke OK! Just a joke!

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Subject: Re: VERY VERY tongue in cheek joke OK! Just a joke!
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 19:45:39 +1030
> Yeah, but you were a penal colony.  Americans were just a pain in the ass.

Oh dear, this old furphy again. Australia was set up as a penal colony
because they could no longer send convicts to America. Also, South
Australia, surely the gem of the empire, was never a penal colony - it was
totally free, established and settled by free settlers. No man has ever
worked on a chain gang in South Australia. Sadly, the same can not be said
of the reprobates on the east coast of this fine land, but we tolerate them
anyway. After all, the MG factory was set up in the first penal settlement
established here (compulsory LBC content) - Sydney.
Incidentally, you didn't answer the point about MGs being assembled here (we
even had our own series of VINs), but not in America, which, when you think
about it, is damn silly, but we are talking about the British motor car
industry (using the term loosely). If my memory serves me well (and it is a
lot like Murray Walkers I'm sad to say), we assembled MGAs and Bs. My first
B was aussie built - the last two American imports.

'76 B
         Anne and Richard Spurling

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