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Help on L.E. Please...

To: "Mgs" <>
Subject: Help on L.E. Please...
From: "BMack" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 12:46:11 -0800
Today a customer,of mine and I are BOTH proud owners of new (new to us) MGB
Roadster LE's.

We bought a pair from an ad in the paper and pick them up
Saturday....driving them home (over 100 miles).

My question is... I have much experience in MGB's, as you may know from my
website, but I know little of the LE. It is said in several webpages that
the last 1000 cars were LE's and the Roadsters were painted "Bronze". These
cars are both black with overdrives, alloys, luggage racks, ft spoilers and
nameplates on the dashes #'s 156 & 225 respectively if I remember correctly.

Are good examples of this model worth more than the non-LE? I'm just looking
for MY toy for next summer driving fun.

Any help or filling in on this model would be GREATLY appreciated!

"Restoringly" Yours,
Bryce Mack
Classic Auto Restoration Services
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