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RE: Cam Kits

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Subject: RE: Cam Kits
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 13:27:34 -0500
I've used Piper cams in the past, with good results. But if you are planning 
on using the stock carb, you won't get much of a result. The first thing I 
suggest you do, is convert to a pair of SUs or a Weber carb, you'll need 
either a new exhaust manifold. or a header too. Do a big valve lead free head 
conversion, upgrade the ignition, and then start thinking about the cam. No 
matter what you do, I strongly you use the double row timing chain.

'75 B Roadster
Lowered and Loud

>===== Original Message From frank krajewski <> =====
>I will be doing a major rebuild on my 1980 MGB LE motor this winter and
>want to squeeze a bit more power from her. The car is dead stock at
>present. There are numerous suppliers touting cam kits. I want to be
>able to do a normal installation, retain the valve timing and adjustment
>settings as close to stock as possible, just so in my advanced  years I
>will remember them. What is the list's experience with after market cam
>kits relative to modest power gain without sacrificing bottom end
>performance? I anticipate any worthwhile cam kit includes push rods and
>lifters. I have also read here that a double row timing chain is highly
>recommended. Will it fit under the stock front timing cover and is there
>agreement on its use?
>Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski

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