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Re: MG Owner Needs Jaguar Advice

To: Rich Peterson <>,
Subject: Re: MG Owner Needs Jaguar Advice
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 05:05:15 -0700
Check and see if it has a Jaguar engine, or if some yahoo dumped a Chevy
350 or some such in there.  I once looked a a Jag that had the original MIA
and the GM (how can the same two letters go from glory to horror by being
transposed?) monstrosity in its place.  This would severely limit resale
value, i would assume, though maintenance would be a bit simpler, and
go-fast doohickies would be cheaper and plentiful.
Mike Jose
79 B with new bearings that didnt' cause any problem for both 90+ mile
trips from Tucson to Phoenix over the holiday weekend (a bit cold at
midnight on the way up, though-- top down!!)

Rich Peterson wrote:

> Not the right list, I know, but I've stumbled across an '84 Jaguar XJ6
> with 94K miles in very good shape - runs well, no rust, paint a little
> faded, etc.  Asking price is $1300!  What should I look for or look out
> for if I buy it?
> Regards,
> Rich P.

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