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Re: 1965 MGB

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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 15:41:01 -0000
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Subject: 1965 MGB

> 2) where should the oil breather pipe go on my 18GB engine?

It looks like you should have a control valve on the LHS of the rocker cover
that has a pipe going straight down onto the inlet manifold and another
coming off the side and going to the front tappet chest cover.  If you don't
have breathing you almost certainly will get condensation building up on the
filler cap that will take a long time to clear on a run, if at all.

> 3) my LH front inner wing, between the nose of the car and the radiator,
> 3 holes, about 6mm diameter, that mr.Bodge closed with insulating tape.
> are they supposed to have attached?

The horn mounts there using two holes, if you haven't got one mounted there.


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