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Panoz bashing; Was: MGs at Adelaide

Subject: Panoz bashing; Was: MGs at Adelaide
From: "Jeffrey H. Boatright" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 20:06:37 -0500

Too bad about the lack of Adelaide coverage of the ALMS race. The 
series is relatively new, and though it has a better TV package than 
other road race series in the States, it still lacks quite a bit. We 
only got the later, 2-hour compressed version here, though there is 
the possibility that Speed Vision (a cable company) will show the 
entire race later.

As for arrogance or contempt on the part of Panoz, I don't agree. He 
certainly supports the LBC population of Atlanta. For several years 
he has turned the grounds of Chateau Elan over to us for the price of 
the clean-up crews. This includes parking hundreds of cars on their 
immaculate lawns. He gets absolutely nothing for this. Heck, we don't 
even stay at his hotel. I'm also friends with his in-house counsel, 
who says that he will eat your lunch in the business world. "Work 
hard, play hard" about sums it up. I'm sure he has his fair share of 
arrogance and contempt, maybe along the lines of that demonstrated in 
your post, but I doubt that that would get in the way of his making a 
good TV deal that would benefit his race series and your beautiful 

So, maybe it's not arrogance or contempt on his part that resulted in 
the lack of local TV coverage. Possibly the TV deal that he'd worked 
out for the overall season tied his hands (an unfortunate but common 
occurrence in the States when it comes to local coverage). OTOH, 
maybe your local TV wasn't interested.

Best wishes for the New Year,


Jeffrey H. Boatright, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, GA
Senior Editor, Molecular Vision

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