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Re: Race coverage, was: B's and TR4's

To: "MGs" <>
Subject: Re: Race coverage, was: B's and TR4's
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:34:50 +1030
> Good point. I like to watch F1 as well and have missed it the last few
> years.

Why gee guys. Here in Adelaide, we get live coverage of every F1 race - the
full race. Well, they claim it's live, but it's funny how all the European
races seem to start at the same time, in all states in Australia, despite
our differing time zones, and the differing time zones in Europe, and they
always seem to start exactly when the previous show does, even when that
show goes overtime.

Sorry, just thought I'd rub that in...err...point that out.

F1s start soon too. O goody goody goody

'76 B - not as quick Schummies Ferrari, but it is the same colour

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