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Re: Vacuum Advance

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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 16:37:46 -0500
On both the DGV and the DCOE the pump jet
is calibratable (changeable)
the 'squirt' of gas you get upon accelerating
relies on both quantity (pump jet) AND duration 
(backbleed ) of the 'squirt'  the pump jet and the 
backbleed (effects duration) jets are changeable
on the DCOE  I don't believe the bleedback is 
changeable on the DGV
(I'm not positive on the DGV backbleed thingy
I'll look it up tonight.)

Paul Tegler

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This is interesting.  My guess is that you might be onto something.
Also, there may be an adjustment (or our of adjustment) on the
the accelerator pump on the Weber.  My Ferrari 308 uses four
DCNF Webers.  Yep, eight carb chokes.  One for each cylinder.
And you thought synching two SUs was tough!  Anyway, my 308
has a slight "stumble" just as you describe.  It only happens when
you are in a cruise in straight and level flight then accelerate just
slightly.  There is a little lag before the bite.  I have been told that
the problem with the 308 is that there is a little play in the linkage
for the accelerator pump.  It doesn't cause a problem when you
stomp on it but when you ease the throttle open, the mixture goes
a little lean as the pump doesn't engage on time.  Does any of this
make sense?  Applicable to the Weber DGV?


Charley & Peggy Robinson wrote:

> All,
>   I wonder if the difference in how the vacuum diaphragm is used on a
> particular engine (or FWT) could explain why some people install a Weber
> conversion and get a stumble, while others have no problem with the
> installation.  Next time I make a club meeting I'm going to ask about
> that.
>   Cheers,
>   CR

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