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RE: Maintaining the Breed, a dilemma (long)

To: "Larry Hoy" <>, <>
Subject: RE: Maintaining the Breed, a dilemma (long)
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 22:16:08 -0500
At 07:31 PM 02/04/2001 -0700, Larry Hoy wrote:
>I've always been a bit "open" on this subject, it's their car, let them do
what they want to it.  Someone will want to drive their T
>series all the way across the country to get to an event, getting there
was the fun.  Others want that perfect car and will trailer
>it there.
 This discussion is interesting and all the replies are right on, yet the
problem is a little bit deeper. Remember we want to preserve our cars too
(sort of wanting our cake and eat it)

Owner A buys a TD, and puts into it a Datsun trans so he can drive it. He
carefully saves the orig. trans . Years go by, he dies, or is divorced , or
transferred to Timbukto. Anyway the car is sold to owner B, just entering
the hobby. He doesn't know about TDs and buys it because its neat. The
trans goes to who knows?

Slowly the purity of what was ,is lost to successive owners. You get the
picture. There aren't that many T types, and we as an organization while
not critical of what one does to ones car, feel an obligation to keep some
purity in the long run.

It is a dilemma. 


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