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Re: Bondo the Magificent

To: Doug <>,
Subject: Re: Bondo the Magificent
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 17:46:48 -0800
Sounds weird but a propane torch, like you would use for plumbing (sweating 
pipe joints) heat the 
bondo (it gets very soft) and scrape it off with a putty knife.  The only 
caution is to not heat one 
area too much so as to avoid warping the metal underneath.  I got really 
creative once in your 
situation and found this to be the fastest.

'72 B

Doug wrote:

> After a bit of thought I decided the  best thing I could is strip the '65 to
> the metal and see what's left. The stripping isn't a problem, but the Bondo
> bits are a pain. Is there a better way to remove the stuff than just hitting
> it with the wire wheel?
> Doug
> '65 pull handle B

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