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2001 Endurance Rallies in the midwest US

Subject: 2001 Endurance Rallies in the midwest US
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 13:40:48 EST
For those interested in long distance events, three Endurance Rallies have 
been announced in the mid-western US for 2001.

Missouri EndurancebMarch 24-25, 2001. Starts/Ends in St.Louis. Robert 
Rushing-Organizer. If you have questions, please contact Robert Rushing at or Mike Pentecost at You can also call 
the MG Hotline at 314-995-TOMG. We will be leaving the Hooters of Maryland 
Heights (11835 Lackland Rd, St Louis, MO) at 7 a.m. on Saturday, March 24th. 
Teams will have until 10 a.m. the next morning to reach all the locations 
that are drawn at the meeting, take a Polaroid picture of you or your 
co-driver in front of the entrance sign of the Missouri State Park or State 
Historic Site, and make it back to the parking lot of Hooters of Maryland 
Heights. The team covering the least number of miles wins. Any team that 
arrives after 10 a.m. is disqualified.

MG 2001 Endurance RallybJuly 1-2, 2001. Starts in Madison, Wisconsin/Ends in 
St. Paul, Minnesota, site of MG2001 the combined national Conventions of the 
NAMMMR, NEMGT, NAMGAR, NAMGBR and AMGCR. Organizer b Phil Vanner

Abingdon TrialsbAugust 2-3, 2001. Organizers b Last yearbs Winners Jim and 
Thad Cousino Start point not announced yet. Will 
end in Abingdon, Illinois, site of the Abingdon Summer Party. Competing for 
the Chicagoland Cup, a monstrosity that poses engineering problems for the 
winners who have to figure out how to pack it in an MG to take home around 
their regular complement of luggage  - and then do the same next year to 
bring it back to award again. I wish I had seen how the Cousino's got it in 
their TF. The cup was originally awarded for the Around Lake Michigan Rally 
run from 1993 on in conjunction with John Twist's UML Summer Party which the 
Abingdon Trials have become successor to. 

Thus far I know Team Fokowee will be at Missouri as well as the Bomber 
Brothers in our faithful and much abused 71 Midget, MR BILL3. These are FUN 
rallies. On absolutely great MG roads. You do not have to be a professional 
driver or have a race prepared car to run them. They are not races, indeed 
being pulled over by the authorities and having to open your sealed license 
envelope results in disqualification. The challenge is mapping the best route 
and then following it. We have couples and indeed have had whole families 
(like David Darby in his Magnette on Missouri) run these events. We have had 
drivers run them solo. They run approximately 800-1000 miles over 24 hours or 
so and are a fun time while they prove that properly maintained LBCs are 
equal to the challenge.

C'mon out and have a ball.

Boomer Bomber
aka Kim Tonry
Bomber Brothers Endurance Rallying
Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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