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Re: Sway bar question

To: Stuart MacMillan <>, MGS List <>
Subject: Re: Sway bar question
From: Bill Dudley <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:26:01 -0700

Check with Moss again.  I installed their 5/8" sway bar on my 67 B last
year with no problems.  It, along with other size sway bars, was listed in
their "accessories" pages.  Happy Hunting.

Bill Dudley
Golden, CO

Stuart MacMillan wrote:

> Well, my son and I are diving into the '64. He has a goal of finishing
> it in time for the local ABFM on July 28th!
> We completed a rebuild of the front suspension yesterday, and our
> knuckles show it.  We found that his sway bar is bent, and rather than
> try to straighten it we thought about getting a bigger one.
> Unfortunately, the 5/8" bar offered by Moss and VB only fits rubber
> bumper cars, and the only bar we could find is the 7/8" bar offered by
> VB.  This seems like overkill if you are not racing, especially given
> the $180 price tag.
> Any one have any experience with this or know of other sources for MGB
> sway bars?
> Thanks!
> --
> Stuart MacMillan
> Seattle
> '84 Vanagon Westfalia w/2.1
> '65 MGB (Daily driver since 1969)
> '74 MGB GT (Restoring sloooowly)
> Assisting on Restoration (and spending OPM):
> '72 MGB GT (Daughter's)
> '64 MGB (Son's)
> Stripped and gone but their parts live on:
> '68 MGB, '73 MGB, '67 MGB GT

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