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Re: Need wheels trued

To: "Larry Hoy" <>,
Subject: Re: Need wheels trued
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 17:12:51 +1030
My last lot of wire wheels was eight years ago...**sob**. The local MG shop
had mounted a hub and spline on the wall and the wheel was balanced
statically ie weighted until no point wanted to drop to the bottom. Rough?
Probably, but I had my old GT at near enough to 100 mph, hands off and
feeling perfectly smooth. Fair dinkum. Can't say I'd be game enough to do
that now (hands off at those speeds), but careful balancing this way does
work. It shouldn't be too hard for a group of owners or a club to set it.
My current B has those horrid rostyle wheels...**growl, mutter**

Course, with Scotty just up the road, I could get him to ... nah, he'd
drive so fast the wheels would be too scared to wobble.

'76 B

         Anne and Richard Spurling

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