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To: David Councill <>,
Subject: Re: Engine sizes. WARNING: POTENTIAL HOLY WAR.
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 07:22:46 -0600
At 8:21 AM -0700 3/23/01, David Councill wrote:
>Where do you get the intake manifold for the HS6 carbs? I just put a 
>set of HS6 carbs on my TR7. Since I will be selling the TR7 as soon 
>as convertible season starts here, I might pull them back out and 
>put the Strombergs back in, particularly if I can find a better use 
>for them (like on my B).
I used the stock intake manifolds. There is more than enough material 
to machine the center out the necessary amount. I ordered two MGC 
carb spacers, and machined the manifold and heat shield to match 
them.  I did have to trim two of the ears off the inside spacer. I am 
told that the carbs will never warp with only two bolts, and to this 
point they have not. I have only been running the setup for about 6 
years, however. The carbs on my car are from a C, with B jets and 
rich needles. The carbs on my wife's GT are from a Volvo and are 
running the jets and needles that came on them.
Bob Shaw
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