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Re: Distributors...An explaination

To: Max Heim <>,
Subject: Re: Distributors...An explaination
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 18:35:24 -0700
Max Heim wrote:

 > OK, I'll bite... what's the "point" of buying a dual point distributor if
 > you immediately replace the points with an optical trigger?

Well for whatever reason. Lack of attention, worn bushings, whatever.  My 
single point lucas failed 
more than once.  So I ask you this: Why would you go from one set of points to 

Another thing to note which is strictly my experience, therefore part of my 
reason is that my stock 
dist. had a very flaky timing issue, not sure what caused it.  The clamp was 
always tight.  Probably 
crappy advance springs etc. I chose to do what I did for my reasons.  The only 
reason I brought it 
to the list was because I don't agree with throwing ill fitting, half @ss 
conversion kits at a worn 
out distributor.  So now for a little extra money I have what I have.
I like the looks too. :)

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