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Phosphoric Acid cleaning, was Re: Fused circuits & connectors

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Subject: Phosphoric Acid cleaning, was Re: Fused circuits & connectors
From: "Jeff Fayne" <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 06:44:12 -0500
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Subject: Re: Fused circuits & connectors

> on 5/16/01 7:22 AM, Larry Hoy at wrote:
> > Mike, were do you find phosphoric acid?
> Coca-Cola is a good source, but then the corn syrup makes things all
> sticky... <g>
> --

Missed the original purpose behind using Phosphoric Acid, but you can
purchase it from your local home improvement center (Home Depot, Lowes,
etc..) as grout and tile cleaner. I just regrouted my shower and this stuff
really foams/sizzles nicely. Is someone using this on the fuse block or

Side issue: Phosphoric acid used to be the major component in pretty much
all Mag Wheel cleaners. Most now are just soap based, maybe people were
getting acid burns and the mfgs decided to reformulate?
Eagle brand Mag Cleaner still contains Phosphoric Acid and cleans wire
wheels quite nicely (as well as my wife's Maxima's prone to brake dust
wheels). Caution is advised on painted surfaces, but I've had no problems on
the Dunlops I bought a few years ago. Spray, wait 30 sec, hose off.  YMMV


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