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Re: Interesting "Sebring MGC"...

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Subject: Re: Interesting "Sebring MGC"...
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 17:31:37 -0700
Great research, Kai! I suspected the histories of the six C-GTs couldn't be
as mysterious as this fellow implied, and that somebody would have the real
scoop on them. Curiously, I just saw a real (non-Sebring) MGC-GT this
morning, and they aren't all that commonly sighted.

I also met a fellow with a 64B converted to Buick V6/Turbohydramatic. Very
tidy installation, and some neat custom touches. For one thing, he painted
the dash and column shell body color (metallic turquoise) -- this gave it
kind of a cool retro look, like a 53 Corvette. I wasn't too sure about his
plan to put lights under the bonnet to shine through the louvers, though.
That seemed a bit much...

on 5/19/01 3:58 PM, Kai M. Radicke at wrote:
> I hesitate to comment on this car, but I think if you believe the
> description you're being taken for a ride... and not one you will be
> inclined to enjoy.  That said, I will now remove all my hesitation and
> continue...
> Firstly, after much checking through my archives of all sorts of crap, it
> seems to be in common agreeance that all FOUR complete aluminium MGC shells
> from Pressed Steel went to John Chatham (who I might add is a well known
> Healey enthusiast for decades now) in 1970.
> Oddly it also claims that the car was sold in the USA, as were RoMeO (the
> RMO car painted BRG w/ yellow valence) and MaBeL (the MBL car painted red
> w/ red valence).  Indeed Romeo has the same livery as the car on eBay.  But
> that means the group of six was equally split amongst the USA and UK.  Romeo
> and Mabel are highly documented, and now both reside in the UK in a private
> collection (although often the features of various magazines from time to
> time).
> I suspect this is a car built using a C GT shell, and the remaining stock of
> panels from Pressed Steel... after all being competition cars one would
> expect that replacement competition panels be made, and PRIOR to their
> requirement (certainly couldn't have them next day air mailed to Sebring in
> the late 1960s).
> Funnily enough it is the small details that don't fit the car like the
> amber/red tail lenses (red/red on RMO)... something that could be changed
> easily, but is left on the car incorrectly.  Same with the front indicator
> lamps, Romeo has white/white as does Mabel.  Romeo also doesn't have a
> bonnet strap, yet Mabel does.  The exterior bonnet release cable is on the
> right hand side of both Romeo and Mabel, but on the left hand side of this
> car.  The grille on the eBay car looks very production like... it's from a
> 73/74 MGB with the plastic honeycomb removed and a cobbled together MG
> badge.  From black and white, and current photos only Mabel carried a grille
> badge... Romeo does not.
> Romeo doesn't have such an exaggerated (or even visible) side exiting
> exhaust!  Which makes sense as both Romeo and Mabel also took place in a
> limited number or rallies... this would be a ground clearance issue!
> And now, after a few hours of searching threw my dusty magazine collection
> the September 1992 issue of Classic and Sportscar accounts for ALL SIX
> shells even noting that in May of 1991 all six cars were together at
> Silverstone (see page 93).  For those without the magazine...  I'll type out
> the registrations of each car, current location and owner and if any other
> relevant info.
> MBL 546E... UK... 1st car built by Abington Competition Dept., resides in
> private collection (current)\
> RMO 699F... UK... 2nd car built by Abington Competition Dept., resides in
> private collection with MBL546E (current)
> VHY 5H... UK... 1st of the Chatham shells.  Last owner (as of 1992) Paul
> Jarrold, forsale at 55,000 UKP
> VHW 330H... UK... built to road car spec for Alan Zafer, at the time head of
> BL Motorsports PR Office.  Resides in Sid Beer MG Collection (as of 1992)
> EHW 441K... UK... built to road car spec.  Owned by Steve Bicknall (as of
> 1992).
> Unregistered final shell... UK... still owned by John Chatham.  Car has all
> aluminium engine (as cast for Comps Dept. but apparently never used in RMO
> and MBL)
> So that is all six.
> Now, the article goes on to compare a current replica (30 MGC) to VHY 5H.
> Oddly enough the owner claims that the shell he found had an alloy roof to
> begin with... "A brand new MGC shell was found at Bears of Houghton together
> with a very rare alloy roof."
> So, if you're still reading, it is my somewhat researched conclusion that
> the eBay car (ADO52) is nothing more than a well built replica, probably
> utilizing some original body panels and components.
> Lastly, to remove all doubt, ADO 52 is already applied to another car.  AND
> why would a competition car use the prototype numbering scheme (as in ADO).
> ADO 52 was a prototype MGC fitted with the Bluestreak inline-6 motor... a
> quick glance into David Knowles MG: Untold Story easily confirms this (as it
> should, as that is where I got the information from).
> Now, I'd like to see their MOUNTAIN of evidence.
> Kai


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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