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Working on modern cars (was daily driver)

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Subject: Working on modern cars (was daily driver)
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:25:51 -0400
>Lets say the MG is worth $6000, consider the replacement, if I buy a new
car I'd have to spend
>$20,000 plus.  AND I can't work on it!  What could be eaiser to fix than an

I have heard this (I can't work on modern cars) argument on many 
occasions on this list.

What confuses me, is what is so different on a modern car that makes it 
difficult to work on ? 

Brake work is still brake work, I don't care if it's the disc/drums of a MGB
the discs/drums of a VW Golf. The principle and work routine are the same.

Suspension has changed somewhat, yeh, we are used to cart springs and 
lever-arm shocks. Today we have to deal with MacPherson struts. Armed with
a socket set, I can dis-assemble the front suspension in about 1-2 hours on
Audi - about the same time it would take me to perform the same operation
on my MGB.

Engines : Yeh we have evolved from OHV to OHC, and we've gone from iron
block to alloy block/heads, but an modern engine is essentially the same
as that found under the hood of my MGB. It might be a bit harder to find,
but believe
me - under all that plastic, you'll find a reciprocation engine you will
recognise. Same applies to gear-boxes/axles/diffs, they are very similar to
components on our beloved classic cars.

I think the only place where there has been a drastic change is the engine
managment area. But modern fuel injection is fairly easy to work on.
we have on board diagnostics, which goes some way to tell us where we should
be looking
for the problem. 

The older Bosch CIS FI is essentially a glorified carb. There is a flapper
rises/falls according to the air-flow the engine needs - this flapper is
attached to a "needle"
which meters the amount of fuel - Sounds like an SU Carb doesn't it ?
The current generation of FI - is even easier to work on. 

I have cars which range from 1963-1999, I find working on each of them
"different but the same".

Sooooo - why is it so difficult to work on modern cars ?


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