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Re: $800 dollar 65 spridget project

Subject: Re: $800 dollar 65 spridget project
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 06:39:14 EDT
In a message dated 6/16/01 2:32:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

> I know most of you will say go for it, and I am so inclined, but it's
> not my call.

If the car has been totally apart for so long, chances are most of the pieces 
will no longer go together.  You're looking at possibly replacing every nut 
and bolt and bit that exists, and completely redoing the engine (possibly 
even replacing outright).  You are well into the $1000's in parts costs alone.

In your corner of the world, there are plenty of good rust free examples that 
are still on the road, so I'd almost say keep looking.  If this is the 
type/year of the car you ultimately want, then this "might" be a parts 
candidate at best.  Offer $400 and you'll cart it away tonight.  If he 
accepts, do it, if not, walk.

Steve in NJ

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