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MGB heater cable

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Subject: MGB heater cable
From: "Mike Winney" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:06:49 -0700
Gordon, not sure if Max is resp. to my previous post on how I was finally
able to install the Smiths heater w/o bending the cable, but will repost if
it will help.

-----Need to connect defroaster flap cable.  Couldn't do it
through side vent or any other way I could figure out with my meat hooks
after heater box is installed.  So connected cable to flap first and then
tried to feed cable through opening in first bulkhead and then through
smaller opening into cockpit while at the same time lowering unit into
rectangle opening.  The problem was that the opening was such a tight fit
that I couldn't tilt and at the same time lower the unit into the opening in
order to feed the cable through the holes provided.  Each of the THREE times
I succeeded in lowering it in place I had bent the cable so that it wouldn't
move the flap, not even with pliers.
What I ended up doing was noting exactly where the cable was binding as it
was forced to bend before entering the opening in the first bulkhead(next to
lowered heater box).  This was easy as noted by the scratch marks on the top
side of the opening.  Then I took my angle grinder and made a one quarter
inch wide vertical grove about one inch or so starting up from the hole at
that point.  That allowed the cable to enter the hole(slot) earlier while
the box was still being lowered such that it didn't have to bend nearly 90
degrees as before.  Other cars may vary as to the size of the opening, but
mine was barely large enough for the box to fit without the attached cable.
Anyway, it worked and the gear assembly is now able to move the flap.
Mike Winney

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