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Subject: Re: Hood Latch
From: "Harold W. Roeth" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 17:50:56 -0400

This was in a recent issue of MGA! Perhaps this will help.

Hood Latch Again
Don Stewart of the Greater Pittsburgh MG Club responded to my 
hood-latch article in the last issue of MGA! with the following 
description of his own experiences.
"I had a problem with adjusting the latch. The pin was adjusted so 
that the hood sits flush with the hood surround. There is enough give 
in the rubber bumpers that if the hood is slammed down, the pin will 
go past the 4 inch tab and the latch spring pressure will push the 
pin under the tab. This results in the hood being locked down in 
place. I didn't want to adjust the pin inwards farther, because then 
the hood would sit lower than the surround. If I close the hood and 
just push it closed, everything works fine. For those occasions where 
the pin does get caught under the lower support plate tab, I 
fabricated a release tool. It is simply a 38 inch flat washer welded 
onto the end of a piece of concrete reinforcing bar (rebar), as shown 
in the photograph below. The washer is welded on at an angle, so it 
can be slipped between the grille slats and positioned so the tip of 
the pin fits the hole in the washer. With someone else (or a strong 
bungee cord) holding the hood release open to relieve the spring 
pressure, the pin can be wiggled around enough to be pushed off of 
the tab. Even with the latch and pin aligned, the rebound of the 
rubber bumpers on the surround keep the pin from sliding off of the 
latch tab. I put electrical heat shrink tubing over the rebar where 
it goes through the grille slats to protect them from being 
scratched. If the guide tab in the lower latch support was another 4 
inch longer, there would be no problem."

Hal Roeth
Editor/Publisher, MGA! Magazine
2 County Route 2
Berne, NY 12023

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