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Re: Update generator to alternator?/ Halogens

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Subject: Re: Update generator to alternator?/ Halogens
From: "Bob D." <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 22:07:26 -0500
Yes, that voltage reading sounds like the generator is not keeping up. You
should get 13.5 to 14 volts running down the road. But, generators never did
do a good job keeping up with headlights especially in stop and go driving.
Night time traffic jams used to run batteries down.

How did the voltage run with the original headlamps? Several post have
complained about running halogens with generators. I find it hard to believe
that these halogen lamps are taking all that much more current than the old
ones. The additional light output of halogens is supposed to come from
increased efficiency not increased power.

Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
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Subject: Update generator to alternator?

> This question isn't actually about an LBC, but the answer should
> be the same. I have an older Little German Car which has a volt
> meter installed. I just replaced the DOT standard sealed beam
> head lamps with a pair of E-code halogen head lamps, with 60/55
> watt H4 bulbs . At road speed (about 2800 RPM), when I turn on
> the new head lamps, the voltage reading plunges from about 13.5
> volts to just over 12 volts. Is this an indication that my generator is
> not keeping up with the demand, and would replacing it with an
> alternator help out?
> Thanks,
> Jerry Causey

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