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Re: WTC and a LBC question?

To: "Tom Bott" <>, "MG Net" <>
Subject: Re: WTC and a LBC question?
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 07:58:16 -0400
At 10:07 PM 09/14/2001 -0400, Tom Bott wrote:
>Good Day All,
>To whomever wrote asking that all the name calling etc. stop on this list,  a
>big thank you.  So far it appears to have worked.  Being an American I
>our frustrations are running a little high right now, but let's have faith
>that our leaders will respond appropiately.
>To our friends across the pond:   I listened to Tony Blair address the
>Parliament this afternoon.  It felt great to hear another world leader speak
>out with such sincerity and support.  With the considerable number of Brits
>that were also lost on tuesday (along with I'm sure other countries) I know
>after listening to him,  we on this list not only have a love of mgs to share
>but also grief and dismay.
CBS news carried a few minutes on Europe yesterday. I was very moved by it.
I live in a bedroom community on the north Jersey Shore. The local paper
had dozens of pictures of locals who are missing.We know many.  The parking
lot of the local train station and ferry dock is full with over a hundred
cars that have not been claimed yet.My dentist has been asked to furnish
dental records for 11 patients. 

I have lived in New Jersey all my life but I have always considered myself
a New Yorker. We go in almost every weekend for food , sports or shows. It
is the greatest.

Watching the CBS story on Europe , I saw the stoppage all across the
continent that took place... Paris, Lisbon, Berlin,Warsaw, London.  The
Queen attended service in Saint Paul. There were tears in the faces of
people on the street in Warsaw. The story ended with a tearful woman
standing in front of Notre Dame in Paris declaring in French that  even  I
understood from High school French. She said "today we are all Americans."  
We are going into the city today, because we must...we must do what we
always do so that we can beat the terroist.

Mike Leckstein

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