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update on engine removal

Subject: update on engine removal
From: rexcats <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 07:46:34 -0700
 Hi Everyone,

Well we did it!  We got the engine and transmission out of the 79 MGB, along
with every other part that had to come off.  So everyone was right it was a
tremendously messy job!  I'd say the hardest part was all the cleanup in the
engine compartment where the rod exploded through the block and let oil have
a free for all in there.  So 3 hours to pull the engine and the rest of the
weekend cleaning up oil!  I even helped with a lot of it, have two broken
nails, but since I used 5million  paper towels no grease on my hands!, I
can't say so about Justin and the husband though they will have grease under
their nails forever now! But the compartment is clean of oil and will be
ready for the engine to go back in when that time comes.  Okay my frirst of
many engine questions. Inside the bell housing of the transmission there was
about a quarter inch of oil encrusted crud coated the whole inside housing,
so my worry where did that come from?  Doesn't look like the outside gasket
had a leak so I am guessing it came from inside the transmisssion?  Upon
opening up the transmissionit appears as know chunks out of gears and that
all gears move fine, so is it the seal on the inside that is Leaking?
ANyway I just want to make sure we fix anything that needs it while the
engine and transmission is out.


Lisa Ann, Michael & Justin( who helped pull his first British engine)

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