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winter storage and hot dogs

Subject: winter storage and hot dogs
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 21:39:56 -0400
At 05:25 PM 10/05/2001 -0300, Eugene Balinski wrote:
>    Watch the trickle charge on the battery.  You can  boil off all
>of the electrolyte if you are not careful. 

I have had wonderful success with a Sears battery monitor. They were about
$25 and I plug them into a timer so that they are on for 3 hours a day.
They monitor the voltage and charge 1 amp only when needed. I use the timer
because I do not like leaving any devise on for months all the time. Four
MGs which always have strong batteries for the last three years.

                                                         There is a 
>school of thought that says to just remove the battery and 
>keep it in a warm dry (off of cement floors) place. 

Denise on this list ran experiments on batteries stored on concrete floors

>     BTW before you put the MG away for the winter, make sure that you 
>take it on one spirited drive.  My suggestion is that you  hop
>on I-84 towards Cheshire and stop at Blackies Hot Dogs (Exit 26 for Rt-70?,
>take a left at
>the end of the exit)) for lunch.  Incredible dogs, and ESPECIALLY the
>Hot Relish.  The only place in the world where you can get it.  Secret
>Been in the famnily  since 1928.

Not to start a non MG thread, but the worlds best hot dogs come from
Paterson N.J. They are cooked differently (deep fried) and are topped with
a special brown sauce (like but not Chili )  The Texas wiener is not from
Texas, but originated in Paterson in the 1930's . I will try Blackies
anyway as I am a hot dog nut. Those who want the names or directions to any
of several Paterson Hot Dog locations, email me

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