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Re: Huge File from ED? - reply!!

To: "chuck" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Huge File from ED? - reply!!
From: "JustBrits" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:48:06 -0500
chuck c. fromt he spridgets List wrote and I quote:

<<Then why would "good ol' Ed" do something dumb like that?>> reference to the lage file I sent out as if it was a "virus".

A]  It was NOT.
B]  Sorry the various idiots receiving it could not READ the file extension,
i.e. jpg, gif, doc, txt, OR mpeg.
C]  I only sent to "folks" I REALLY thought would appreciate.
D]  It was NOT sent to ANY List!!
E]  But LOTS of IDIOTS made SURE to waste bandwidth by commenting ON a List.
F]  Anybody wanna prove that they received it via a LIST?!?!?!  NOT.
G]  Don't worry.  NO MORE SHARING of the "good" things I get (with the
exception of a couple of Listers).
H]  Bite me!!
I]  And desenters prob'ly beleive Osman is a "good" guy.
N   O   T   !!!

God Bless America!!


PS:  The "thanks" were GREAT, tho!!

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