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MGA owner in France requests assistance

Subject: MGA owner in France requests assistance
From: "Harold W. Roeth" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 13:15:26 -0400
At 11:59 AM -0400 10/14/01, wrote:
>hello I am has the search of old papers of (like plate number or registration
>number) imatriculation of a car MGA 1600 MKII 1961
>which I have both in England this car come from the USA I don't know were
>.Can you help me the only number in my possession is the
>number of frames GHNL2/105309  .and the number of import in the UK the
>01/07/1997 thank you of your

The above was forwarded to me by John Twist. Can anyone help this 
gentlemen? The chassis number mentioned is not on the Worldwide MGA 
Register as of the second edition, June, 2001. Please reply to this 
gentlemen directly. Thank you.

Hal Roeth
Editor/Publisher, MGA! Magazine
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Berne, NY 12023

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