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Re: In-Car Telemetry/OT...

To: "Dan DiBiase" <>,
Subject: Re: In-Car Telemetry/OT...
From: "JustBrits" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 19:19:06 -0500
<<they had displayed across the bottom of the TV
screen, telemetry from in the car - revs, speed, and I believe 2 linear
graphs that showed acceleration force and braking force... Anyone else see
this? This was the most amazing display I have seen in my life>>

Gee, Dan.  Hiding out in the hill of West-by-God??

NASCAR does mph/revs ALL the time.  And I have yet to see a suspension
camera or a brake rotor camera on SpeedVision for F(flighty panseys)-1?!?!?


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