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RE: Are you sure its Iris Blue?

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Subject: RE: Are you sure its Iris Blue?
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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:32:59 -0800

>From the serial # of the car it is a LATE '64 car not a '65 (as
registered). It has the pull handles on the doors (changed March '65 to
button style) and still has the ORIGINAL 3 bearing main engine that
RUNS! Looks like it is Iris Blue and from the email I have received on
and off the list looks like it will stay that way. 

Several pointed me to pictures of the Iris blue color and Adam off the
list actually emailed me a scan of a book page with info and two GREAT
shots of an early pull door in Iris Blue.

I will have some shots on the company website within a week so, check it

Restoringly Yours,
Bryce Mack
"The Paneldoctor"
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Subject: Are you sure its Iris Blue?

Dear Doctor,
I ran into a fellow who had an original, nearly perfect (99 1963
handle MGB at a car show in Ventura, Ca. it was painted Iris Blue. An
Blue MGB can also be seen on page 57 of the essential MG lovers book by
Heilig "MG SPORTS CARS" The pastel Iris Blue hue was very becoming but
on the early MGB MK. I roadster, In fact the earliest surviving RHD MGB 
roadster is an Iris Blue car. But sadly the color ran its course and was

replaced by the color Mineral Blue in Oct. 1965. So if your MGB was made

after body # 73721(Oct.1965) then it's actually painted Mineral Blue,
Iris Blue. The two indicated interior colors are Black and Blue, for
paint colors. Info on the paint & interior schemes came from the book 
"ORIGINAL MGB with MGC and MGB GT V8" by Anders Ditlev Clausager, which
has a 
lot of pertinent data to offer those who obsess on that sort of thing
                                 Albert Escalante 1978 MGB (Leyland
White w/ 
Black interior)

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