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The 1972 model year which began in Aug 71 with chassis number 258001 had a
new console and dash with glovebox and air vents.  They would take quite a
lot of work to change from an earlier car for not much benefit IMHO.
Change-points were a moveable feast and could be later or earlier than the
documented point depending on when the old stock ran out.  The change of
grill is an easier - given that one has to close up the holes in bonnet and
wings for the surrounding trim - proposition and not uncommon, although most
changees go for the original slatted grill.

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> #1.  The chassis number shows car as a July 1971 However, the interior has
> the dash with glovebox and grille is the 73 honeycomb style. Also has the
> full length tunnel console. The number on the plate matches the VIN number
> under windshield.  Can't see the engine number yet.  What IS this car??

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