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car running again, leaks abound

Subject: car running again, leaks abound
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 17:58:32 -0500
Hi all,

The 1972 MGB that i've been working on for months is finally running 
again.  The rebuilt motor and various other refreshed bits make the 
car really purr; it looks and runs great. 

BUT, i have a plethora of leaks to deal with before i can really 
drive it.  (I don't wanna ruin that spotless engine bay YET)

First up:  Oil cooler lines.  Both unions at the oil cooler and the 
rearmost union from the line to the block are leaking.  The lines and 
cooler were purchased as a kit, they came in a box that said "Mocal 
oil control systems" on it, they look like quality parts.  The unions 
went together clean and i've tryed varying levels of torque to no 
avail.  Any suggestions, tips, tricks?

Next, brake lines. I put new cupro-nickel lines on the car.  Several 
of the unions on the distribution block are leaking.  A paper that 
came with the kit cautioned against overtightening the unions.  I 
took care to place the appropriate lines in the right places. Again, 
any help for a novice mechanic would be appreciated.

I also need a new accelerator pump for the weber carb (gas leak) and 
to tighten the hose clamps in a few places (coolant leak), but i can 
figure those out.  


Dan H.
1972 MGB

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