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TD Carb Question

Subject: TD Carb Question
From: "Scott Allen" <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 04:49:16 +0430

My father was working on the carbs on my TD today, (as I'm not at home these 
days) and he ran into something that he hadn't seen before, (he owned a TD 
for 30 years) so I though I'd pass it on to the list to see if anyone has an 

Oh yeah, I have the 1 1/4", (HS2's?) carbs.

The rear carb has a small brass pin in the base of the piston so that when 
the carb is assembled it holds the piston a few thous' off of the bottom of 
the chamber.  It appears to be spring loaded so that if you press down on 
the piston it will go flat against the bottom of the chamber, but when 
released it pops back up and there's some clearance.

The front carb does not have this pin and as such is flush against the 
bottom of the chamber.

Should I worry about this?  Should I have him shave the pin down so that 
it's flush against the bottom of the piston?  What is the pin's purpose?

So many questions...

Can anybody shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance,

Scott Allen

52 TD
74 1/2 BGT

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