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To: "Montgomery Morris" <>
Subject: Re: PLUG GAP
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 14:34:31 -0800

All it takes is an enquiring mind, lots of enthusiasm and anno domini!

In case you're wondering what was the point of my earlier post, the
plug-fouling could well be caused by a problem with the choke on your Z-S
carburetor. These units are notoriously problematic. If you undo the three
screws that hold the heat mass assembly to the choke unit on the side of the
carb, you'll be able to pull it off the choke and make sure the choke is
releasing fully and moving freely. Also, remove the air cleaner and run a
fine wire down the very small hole that you see inside the mouth of the
carb, just below the bridge. If this hole gets plugged, the choke won't work

Two things to remember when you do this though. First, when you re-attach
the heat mass, make sure the square end of the bimetallic strip engages the
choke arm properly. Second, you must refit the air cleaner before trying to
get the engine tuned properly. A Z-S carb-equipped B engine will not run
properly without the air cleaner!

Good luck,


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Subject: Re: PLUG GAP

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