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Re: Smith Speedometer- Testing

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Smith Speedometer- Testing
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 09:34:31 -0800
I tested my speedo on the bench using a hand drill with a Roberson bit
stuck in the drive coupling on the back of the speedo.  You can sort
of guess if its calibrated right.  a 1280 tpm speedo should read
60 mph at 3270 rpm.

It only moves CCW??? in other words its resting against the wire stop
and you have to rotate it down past the BOTTOM of the speedo and then
back through the highest number through the lower numbers?

If so thats totally wrong and the needle has been wound up in the wrong
direction.  It should be resting at zero and rotate CW as the car 
speeds up (the same as your tach).

66 B

Word on the street is that John Shidler said:
> Hello, I am wondering if there is anyway to test a Smith Speedometer with it
> uninstalled. When I bought my '68B  a month ago,
> none of the gauges or instruments were working. I believe it is because they
> were installed wrong. TPO was trying to put in a new dash
> an screwed it up. I have the dash at a trim shop now having it straightened
> out.
> The Smith Speedometer s/n 5226/03 1280 has obviously been opened before. I did
> the same and straightened the shaft that the pointing needle sits on as it was
> bent. The the needle only moves in the counter clockwise direction because of
> a wire stop at "0". Is this correct?
> If, I move the needle CCW, there is spring tension that returns the needle to
> "0". If I turn the black plasitc insert in the right angle drive, the needle
> will move CCW. I am totally confused. Any help is appreciated.
> John Shidler
> Shreveport, Louisiana
> '68 B

1966 MGB - GHN3L     Safety Fast!             __,__\__ 
The MGB Experience   (_o____o_)

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