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Re: leaf springs

Subject: Re: leaf springs
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:20:10 -0600
I did this job last summer. Not too difficult at all. New Leafs came nicely
painted so I put them on as is. Bought all new hardware and nylon bushings.
The front bolts had bonded to the metal sleeve in the bushing so they could
not be pounded out - I had to cut the bolt off with a hacksaw. It only took
a few minutes to get through each bolt.

I believe the "book" says to install the front first and then the back, but
this was impossible for me. So we attached the back first and then the
front bolt. I used a block of wood as a guide so that as I jacked up the
spring in the center, it slid along the board right in line with the bolt

Remember to fully tighten the u-bolts around the axle when the car is
resting on the ground, not up in the air.

I used 2 or 3 jacks. One main one under the diff, and the others under the
leafs on each side of the axle plate.

Anything I missed?

1973 mgb

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