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Fw: MGB sitings - Birthday girl

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Subject: Fw: MGB sitings - Birthday girl
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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:06:10 -0500
yep!  saw it.   I simply couldn't help but catch that myself
in the commercial as my '73 BGT is Blaze Red so I seem to
spot that kind of stuff rather easily.
...but I don't have an aftermarket sunroof like that one 
in the commercial did.

Paul Tegler

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Well, are our B's getting air and print time or what?
Looking at the latest commercial for the "Birthday Girl" movie with
Nicole Kidman and thought I spied an MGB-GT in the trailer. This
morning, Matt interviews the actor in the same picture and they show a
trailer. Damn, if it wasn't an entire scene of him robbing a bank and
escaping from the parking lot in his, get this, Blaze orange, I believe,
68 or later BGT. Spinning rubber, no less, with Kidman tied up in the
back seat area. It was great to see them use our MG's in these new
Opened my local paper today, and lo and behold, the special wedding
section shows a couple over the bonnet of a red roadster looking at
roads maps as they describe great drives to romantic places.
Great promotional fodder for our MG Council!

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