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Re: Brake line info.

Subject: Re: Brake line info.
From: "Harold W. Roeth" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:18:36 -0500
At 9:25 PM -0700 1/28/2002, wrote:
>  > Does anyone know how these belts are to mounted. I have no instructions.
>>  They are the lap type with big washers and bolts. Is it suffecient to
>>  in the floorboards?
>>  I can type with two hands today.
>>  Thanks,
>  > Scott


You may already have an answer to your inquiry but the digest version 
was not clear to me so I will respond. Do NOT mount the seat belts to 
the floor boards! They mount outboard to a welded bracket on the side 
of the frame and inboard to the transmission tunnel. If you need the 
brackets you can get them from Todd Clarke at CSR (215-348-0595). He 
will also provide you with a diagram showing the exact placements of 
the mounting points.

I have installed the above on my MGA. One note of caution: because I 
have long legs, when I restored my A I moved the seat bolts on my new 
floorboard back about 1". My seat back now rubs against the outboard 
mounting bracket. I should have mounted it back a compensating one 
inch. If your set mounts have not been altered, the correct "factory" 
mounting position will suffice.

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