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Re: MGs could've been taken over by Aston-Martin

Subject: Re: MGs could've been taken over by Aston-Martin
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 16:16:59 EST
Paul Root wrote:

<<<Interestingly, the first TC imported and the last MGB imported were sold 
to a Ford. Both are found at the Museum in Deerborn. I wonder if Ford will 
buy the first X80, ZT or MGTF that comes over? He'll probably have to lay 
someone off to buy it...>>>

Actually the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn sold both of these cars off some 
years ago. It was an M-Type purchased by Edsel Ford, which was probably the 
first MG imported to the US, in about 1930. The last North American spec LE 
was donated by BL to Henry Ford II for the Museum. They were both sold to the 
Gast Museum in Pennsylvania which liquidated its collection about 4 years ago 
at auction. The M-Type was purchase by someone in Vermont and the LE by a New 
Yorker. The LE was driven away from the auction and unfortunately, suffered a 
fuel leak (timely warning - check those old fuel lines!) and burned. I saw an 
ad a couple years ago for this car and it was supposed to have been restored. 
The individual advertising the car did not reply when I inquired about doing 
a story on the car in 'MGB Driver'.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, IL

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