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Subject: O-series
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:39:46 -0500
>I also seem to recall reading about someone who fitted an O-series in an

I believe the O-series was installed in the MGB very late in its production.
I have seen a picture of it somewhere and it seemed as if it was a natural
fit. This was done by BLMC as an exercise to drop the B-series and replace
it with the O-series.

The O-series was originally developed for the "Wedge" cars that came out
in ~1976. There was the Austin 1800/2200 series which was renamed a couple
of years later as the Ambassador (Wolseley versions as well). Not sure where
the block originated, but the head was an OHC alloy unit and belive it was 
quite a good engine (1800 was about 90hp). My brother had a Wedge 1800
(an early one) - and it was bloody awful !!!!!!. There was an article in the
Classic & Sports Cars last month on the Wedge cars entitled
"They could not have been THAT bad" - well..... they were.

I don't think the O-series had too long a production run - it was installed
in the Sherpa Vans - but I can't remember which other cars they went in.

The later "K-series" is the engine to have. They are rockets compared to
anything that came out of Rover/Leyland (except the Dolomite TC). I rented
a Rover 205 (!) a few years ago - great car. The twin-cam version of the 
K-series is used in the Lotus Elise (150 hp?)

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