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RE: Dist. replacement.

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Subject: RE: Dist. replacement.
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 16:06:02 -0800
Thanks Everyone for all the informative replies...

Over the weekend, I did some checking and the shaft in my dist. is totally
wobbly... So I am going to have the current distributor replaced with a
rebuilt one exactly the same (but without the wobble :-), new points etc,
timing and carbs adjusted AGAIN, and see how things go...

(I have recent wires, pro-rebuilt carbs, and the MG specialists I use,
adjusted my timing and mixture a short while ago)

A consistent comment I received was that the Distributor could be to blame
for the hesitation, and stumbling, but not for the engine dying completely,

So where should I begin looking for this one? (after I have the new
distributor in place) My gut (it only has a little less knowledge than I do,
but I am learning :-) tells me it's the fuel pump, it has been getting
louder, and yesterday, I started the engine and heard a very strange
'croaking' sound from the rear passenger side of the car, and there
definitely aren't any frogs around my garage...

What is a good way to test a fuel pump?

I am getting a serious edumacation on this list.


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