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Re: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response

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Subject: Re: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response
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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 19:36:03 -0800

Nice to know that some sanctioning bodies allow the crossflow head (one
without "Derrington" cast into it)! Kudos on your last-minute efforts and
subsequent good lap times - and, of course, best wishes for a repeat
performance of the improvement this year!


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Date: Monday, February 04, 2002 6:44 PM
Subject: Re: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response

>You are right on the thermal efficiency.
>But, I was lucky, I didn't lay out big bucks.  I was shopping for 1-3/4"
>SU's when I came across the carbs, manifold & head at only a few hundred
>more than JUST the carbs.  Only reason the head went on was the "Agony of
>August."  So, what is that you ask?
>On August 2nd, I was on my way to NJ for an appointment.  Three blocks from
>home I start getting awful noises & BIG loss of power.  Nursed B to
>son-in-law's.  Took his car to NJ.  On return, compression test revealed
>blown gasket at #3 & 4.  Head removal & maganaflux also revealed a MAJOR
>crack from above plug #2 up and along the exhaust port 1/2 way across the
>head.  The shop couldn't get to repair it before end of September.  Big
>of the year is Labor Day weekend.  What to do?  Called a bunch of MGB
>tuners.  None had a head on-the-shelf.  I had this x-flow head on my shelf.
>So, by Aug. 9, it was on & operating.  Then the trans started making noise
>vibrating in 3rd.  (90% of Lime Rock is spent in 3rd.)  After a week of
>calling all over the world, I found a guy (Quantum Mechanics) to build me a
>c.r., 4-synch, o.d. trans.  That was built & put in with one day to spare
>before trailering the B to Lime Rock.  Managed to cut 5 seconds off my
>previous best time that weekend.  And, nothing broke.  Only damage is a
>"Fiat crease" in the right-side door.
>I am looking forward to getting a cast iron head back on.  It just arrived
>this week from Fab-Tek.  A work of art!  Rest of engine will be on way
>Aiming to lower Lime Rock time by at least as much again, AND not having
>"Agony of August" this year.  Goal is to test new gear at MG Focus Event at
>NHIS on Aug. 3 - 5.  (Any other Digest members going?)
>Norm Sippel
>'66 MGB
>P.S.:  Anyone know of a ski rack that fits MGB's?  I used to have one on my
>first B back in 1966.  It clamped to the trunk lip fore & aft & carried 2
>pair of skis.

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