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Subject: Re: MGA
From: "Parker, Richard" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 09:42:37 -0800
Lawrie, and others . . .

I have a situation similar to Danny's, which you made a telling comment
about yesterday.  I have a Mk II MGA, and I bought (actually, a friend found
and bought and I bought from him--he thought he was doing me a favor) a set
of headers for it not long ago.  In trying to install them, I found that a
lot more bending and scrunching was going to be required than I can
reasonably do myself in order to get around the steering linkage and around
each other.    The headers are in two parts, with cylinders 1 & 4 going into
one pipe and 2 & 3 going into the other, and look an awful lot like some
I've seen in the Moss catalog.  Do the latter go on without a hassle? 

Do you know which headers, if any, are both easily installed and give a
reasonable return as far as air/fuel flow is concerned?   Thanks a ton.

Richard Parker
Department of Philosophy
California State Univeersity, Chico

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