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Re: Overdrive problem.....

To: Mark Smith <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive problem.....
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 14:33:17 -0600
Mark Smith wrote:
> Gurus of the MG list.....
> Whilst out motoring today my overdrive started dropping in and out. I'd been
> blasting around for a few hours when this malady occured....The car was
> sitting at about 60mph and would suddenly drop out of O/D then  back in. I
> tested it a couple of times with no ill effects. It proceeded as prescribed
> or another half an hour then dropped out and this time refused to come back
> on.
> Consulting the trusty workshop manual revealed dire warnings about removing
> engines to access O/D units and the like..You know the sort of scary stuff
> you dont do unless you really have too. Anyway I noticed in the
> troubleshooting section a mention about checking the gearbox oil level as
> this can have a bearing on the operation of the O/D..Sure enough the level
> was a tad low.......I filled it up...adding about 300ml and its now running
> fine. My question is in your collective experiance have I solved the problem
> or is there a serpent lurking in my gearbox waiting to strike my wallet????
> The car is a 68 MGB Mk1.....
> As always any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The only thing I can add, since I've never had an MG OD apart, is
that most OD units have a reverse gear lockout to prevent the OD
from being engaged when backing (which would seriously damage most
OD's I'm familiar with). If this switch gets dirty inside or dodgy,
it can cause the OD to disengage.

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