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Re: Carb Problem?

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Subject: Re: Carb Problem?
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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 09:20:58 -0000
Could be a fuel problem, although not because the pump isn't delivering
enough fuel or pulling the choke wouldn't make any difference.  But pulling
out the choke on an SU can also 'correct' ignition problems as it adds fuel
to the same air volume rather than restricting airflow like a fixed-jet carb
does.  If the tach is flickering at 50-60 you have an ignition LT problem.
If you can hook up a two-wire timing light where you can see it while you
are driving that will tell you if you have an HT problem or not.  If that
shows no change when the hesitation starts it definitely is the carbs.  I
would start with checking the valve clearances (for good measure), checking
the dwell, timing and operation of the centrifugal and vacuum advances, then
setting up the carbs from scratch.

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Subject: Carb Problem?

> My MGB runs very well until I reach between 50 and 60 mph.  Then it tends
> start hesitating and cutting out.  Last night I experimented by pulling
> the manual choke and as soon as I did that the engine ran beautifully at
> speed.  Is the problem a simple carb adjustment or could it be more than
> Thanks everyone for your assistance.

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