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Fw: Strange Ruff Running Engine Quiz-- SOLVED!

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Subject: Fw: Strange Ruff Running Engine Quiz-- SOLVED!
From: "Mike Winney" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 21:07:57 -0700
 Subject: Re: Strange Ruff Running Engine Quiz-- SOLVED!

> Thanks to all who offered suggestions, but Congratulations go to Paul Hunt
> who solved the problem!
> Paul said  " If the tach was erratic then that indicates a problem in the
> ignition LT"
> Correct!  I initially thought maybe a defective ignition switch(often
> overlooked), or capacitor, but these would affect all cylinders.  Then I
> looked for cracks, arcing paths, in the dist. cap., but none found.
> Paul then says "problem inside the dizzie.  Very small gap and a bit of
> imbalance in the dizzie cam lobes or shaft wobble"  Well said and
> correct!  Finally,I checked what I should have in the beginning and as
> figured, the point gap was virtually imperceptible.  While the dizzy is
> with no shaft wear, still there exists a very small difference in the cam
> lobes rotation reach.  Apparently, number three and four opened just
> to break point contact.  As to why the problem appeared after warm up I
> only guess it has to do with metal expansion.  Also, after re-starting,
> don't know.
> So why did points with only 700 miles on them slowly close?  Maybe because
> the installer didn't tighten the screw sufficiently, but I'd rather not
> about it.:->
> This sure points out the ability of these engines to run on just about any
> point gap though!
> Mike Winney
> '68 BGT---now running on all four

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