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Re: now racing cars

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: now racing cars
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 10:38:29 -0800
Word on the street is David Littlefield said:
> Are you thinking racing vintage or SCCA?  I don't know about 914 vs.
> Spridget in SCCA because by the time the cars are built up they are only
> cosmetically similar to the production vehicles.  Almost as far apart as
> NASCAR cars are to a real Monte Carlo, Taurus, etc.  However, I think if
> you watched the SCCA Nationals there was a 914 amongst the Spridgets that
> got in Huffaker's way when he lapped it.

SCCA, but Vintage is interesting as well.  Don't the Prod cars have to
keep the same engine arrangement? (FR, FF, MR)

True the Spridgets are unbeatable in H Prod but locals Greg and Jodi
Fordahl won F Prod/F Prod Ladies in a 914!

> In vintage racing the cars are typically very close to the street
> versions, just stripped down for weight with some safety and handling
> features.  Here I think what you would gain in mid-engine handling in the
> Porsche would be lost in the power to weight ratio.  Now, this is just my
> humble biased opinion, of course, but it is really hard to beat the
> handling and power to weight ratio of a Midget.

Stock '71 914 1.7
1679cc (four cyl.) producing
80hp* @ 4900rpm
99.5 ft.lbs.* @ 2800rpm
1982 lbs.*
23.3 lbs. per hp
0-60 in 13.2 seconds*

Not great, to be sure, the 73-74 2.0L is a better setup... what are the
Midget specs?  Oh, and it has IRS as well, dunno if that helps much.

The Fiat X1/9 seems to do fairly well against the Spridgets..

>  My vintage racing Midget
> will outhandle virtually any car on the track, with the certain exception
> of the Lotus 7's and sometime exception of the Minis, depending upon the
> track and the preparation of the cars.  Lately, even with a largely stock
> engine, I've been tailing some of the slower MGB's that have more
> performance upgrades and more horsepower.  They'll pull away from me in
> the straights, but I'll advance on them in the corners.

Fair enough :)


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