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RE: Suspension

To: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>,
Subject: RE: Suspension
From: "Joe Short" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 08:55:44 -0500
Another way to lower the front end without loss of travel is to swap the 
current front cross member for a CBB front cross member. The lowering kit in 
the rear does not truly impact travel. The shochs are what limits the travel, 
and they are not impacted in the rear. But DO NOT use lowering springs and a 
tube shock conversion both on the front of the car. The shocks WILL bottom 
under anything more than slight braking, greatly upseting the cars handling and 
ability to safely stop.
You may ask how I know this, let's just say once bitten twice shy... ;-p


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From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <><BR>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:21:25 -0800<BR>
To: "''Zubrovka''" <>,<BR>
Subject: RE: Suspension<BR>
> John:<BR>
> <BR>
>       I havn't heard of them since that time.  I bought Capri and MGB<BR>
> parts from them back in 85.  I remember them well as the alloy valve cover<BR>
> for the B was porous and leaked like a seive.<BR>
> <BR>
>       There are a number of ways to lower a RBB.  Rear spacer blocks and<BR>
> shorter front springs are the easiest way to go.  DON'T LOWER THE CAR TOO<BR>
> FAR!!<BR>
>       To get the same ride height as a CBB you will actually reducing the<BR>
> suspension travel to 1" less than the CBB.  This is not a good thing for<BR>
> drivability.  My suggestion is to drop the car so it is just about 1" 
> than a stock CBB.  No bump steer, no rattling teeth, no ripped off 
> <BR>
> <BR>
> Kelvin.<BR>
> <BR>
> <BR>
> <BR>
> > Back in the 80's when I first got my MGB, I obtained a brochure from <BR>
> > a company in California, I think it was called Dobi, that offered a <BR>
> > complete performance suspension for the MGB.  Springs, shocks, sway <BR>
> > bars and other related parts, that would lower the rubber bumper B <BR>
> > back to chrome bumper height.<BR>
> > I haven't seen a mention of them lately and can't seem to find them <BR>
> > on the web.  Do they still exist and more importantly, do they still <BR>
> > have that suspension kit?<BR>
> > If not is it offered elsewhere?<BR>
> > John<BR>

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