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Re: Bad clacking in the

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Bad clacking in the
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:04:31 -0800
Word on the street is Greyson Crowe said:
> Hey there.  Just joined the list a bit ago.  My dad finally gave me the keys 
>to the 68 B.  Great little car that I have been stuck doin any upkeep on since 
>we got it 6 years ago.  Well I had the SU's rebuilt and attempte to tune them. 
> SOmetimes idles..but has a 165 degree thermo in it because it would heat up 
>so bad in the summer (gets about 85-105 here in Idaho).  Well I am moving back 
>home for the summer and will have time and money to make the MGB a fairly 
>reliable car.  I need to bleed the clutch/ brakes, get the carbs in-sync, fix 
>the bad ground, and now fix this clacking.  It started doin it this winter 
>when I was home on break.  I was being driven in 30-45 degree weather.  It 
>clacks real bad when first started...then calms when warmed..but still more 
>than it ever used to.  Timing chain or valves?  How should I go about 
>adjusting them?  
> Thanx in advance,
> Greyson
> 68 B

Probably valves, althought keep in mind its normal to hear the valves
from inside the car.  No valve noise = bad in an MG.

Anyway, adjusting the valves is pretty simple, its done with the engine
cold.  I believe its 0.015" but check your Haynes or Bentley manual.  

Take off the valve cover, put the car in 3rd or 4th, and use the "rule
of 9s" to adjust them.  Push the car until say, #3 valve is rocking
(pushed all the way down) and then measure valve #6 (6+3=9).  It doesnt
matter where you start really, I keep a pen handy so I remember which
ones I've done and which I haven't.  Another example is if #2 is
rocking, adjust valve #7 (2+7=9).  Note that valve #1 is considered to
be at the front (radiator end) of the engine.  The rocker should be
adjusted so that it "nips" the feeler gauge just a bit.

You might need/want to replace the valve cover gasket.  The cork ones
work better at keeping the oil in.  I clean all surfaces with a razor
blade, then RTV blue glue the gasket to the cover, smear a bit of grease
on the head where it sits, and DONT OVERTIGHTEN the valve cover nuts
(3-5 ft.lbs I think)

While you're at it, pull the spark plugs and check the colour of the
electrode.  This is a good thing to do periodically.

Lots of service info on my web site below.


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