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Re: Future Classics?

Subject: Re: Future Classics?
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 11:47:20 -0600
Dave Ciaccio wrote:
> This is a question off our usual MG discussions.  Has anyone ever thought of
> what makes our LBCs classics?  Is it the styling, the engineering, the limited
> number of production, the era in which they were produced, etc?  I am thinking
> of purchasing cars now (as bucks allow) that will be classics in the future.
> The key here is buying a car at the bottom end of its valuation, but when
> restored and over time, will increase in value....similar to what our MGs (or
> other classics of that time) did in the late 70's.  So, the question becomes,
> what are those features that make up a future classic and what might some of
> those cars be...mazda miata, pontiac fiero, etc, etc.?
> Any opinions appreciated.

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The Healey, FIAT and Morgan are already classics, but will increase
greatly in value in the next twenty years.

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